Mega Chest Content?


Hi I got my mega chest content but I’m not sure if I’m missing anything? I seem to have everything except when I opened the paper bag with all the plastic bases in there was only two backdrop cards and some little background characters to cut out along with the mood-light and diorama cards.
Is this right? I thought the paper craft model kit was meant to be a hedgehog or bird? Am I being completely thick?
Thank you in advance.


Hi - I was surprised but pleased to get a Mega Treasure Chest through the post yesterday - I have to say, it’s beautifully packaged and presented, thanks… But like Amy, It doesn’t seem complete…
I appreciate you’ve done a lot to ship these out, but:

  • The box says it includes over 20 projects: Build a synth, robot or digi-pet but there’s no reference to these in the box nor a getting started guide apart from a sheet of A4 paper pointing us to
  • There’s no paper craft kit including a ‘bird, hedgehog, heart and polar bear’ as per your previous posts in the kickstarter
  • There are no recipe cards as per your ‘cookbook’ description
  • There is no instrument ‘noisemaker’ kit

The digi-pet and paper craft animals, along with the recipe cards really caught my attention to engage my kids in something creative and new, so very disappointing these aren’t shipped.

Again, appreciate it’s taken a long time to pull together a beautiful product, but it seems like it’s missing a whole bunch that was promised.


The software and beginner’s guide isn’t up to scratch, so the 20 projects just aren’t there yet. While the shipping is happening, we’re working on those projects, and the page will change and improve as we do, so that you’re not scratching your head so much when you go there.

The papercraft physically included are the diorama and mood cloud, but there will be others that you can download and print to go with Flotilla, including the full-size digi-pets.

For now, the best bit is definitely Rockpool, but the rest is coming, then it will feel like the complete Flotilla experience.


What about the instrument kit? wasn’t this meant to be included in the box?


Thank you, I was just checking I wasn’t missing something, I know you’ve all worked really hard to get it out and I understand that errors can be made. I’m glad there wasn’t one. I’m happy to wait for the rest of it. I had a yellow noise maker plate and a plain plate the same size in mine and assumed I put all the modules on that.
Thank you.


yes, that’s right the yellow perspex bit is the NoiseMaker plate. I’ll dig a pic of an assembled one if I can and post.


there you go:


Oh! Thanks - I didn’t realise the ‘instrument kit’ was something we made - I thought it was something separate : )

My girls are looking forward to the recipe cards and the digi-pets.

Thanks for getting back to us


I got the mega treasure chest too and I thought there were things missing but now I know why, thanks. Will we get all these things later?