Micro Dot pHat malfunction


Hi All - I recently acquired my second microDot pHat, the first behaved exactly as expected.

The more recent pHat behaves, when executing the python code below, as follows:

from microdotphat import clear, show, fill, set_pixel
set_pixel(0, 0, 1)

from microdotphat import clear, show, fill, set_pixel, write_string, scroll
write_string('CCCCCC', kerning=0)

 Soldering detail:

I suspect an issue with the first IS31FL3730, but I am not certain - any ideas or experiences would be helpful !


can you post the pictures inline, it’s not high resolution enough to tell much? but yes, the leftmost pair of matrices would be controlled by the rightmost chip on the back.


I originally tried to post the photos in-line - but was informed that new members could only post One image at a time !




sorry, I should have thought that was the case. I have raised your forum status and that should hopefully allow you to post pictures without restrictions.


Hi RogueM,

Thank you for the status upgrade !

I will now update my posting …




Can’t see much wrong with your soldering, in fact it’s some of the best I’ve seen on here for a while :)


Thanks for the compliment !

Do you see anything that might explain the issue ?




Hi Gwen. Your soldering looks pretty good! I’d suspect that there’s a problem with that driver chip controlling the first two displays. We’ll get you sorted out with a replacement kit if you email support@pimoroni.com with details of your order.


Hi Sandy - Thank for your soldering compliment !

Thank you for the quick help, with this issue !

I don’t know whether you replace kits bought from another firm - this kit
was purchased from the PiHut. In any case, the purchase info is attached.




I see your support ticket has been picked up, so hopefully that’ll sort the problem. I’ll close this thread now. :-)