MiCS-6814 + Raspberry PI 3B+

Hey there!

I’m working in a project to monitoring air quality using a Air Quality 5 click from Mikroelectronika (it has an MiCS-6814 sensor) and a Raspberry Pi 3B+.

I have used the Pimoroni library for enviroplus (https://learn.pimoroni.com/tutorial/sandyj/getting-started-with-enviro-plus) and now I’m reading some values for Oxidising, Reducing and NH3 based in the Gas.py example in the library.

I have some questions about it and I would greatly appreciate if you could help me with that:

The code of the Gas.py example has lines to get the resistance value for each gas as follow:

    ox = (ox * 56000) / (3.3 - ox)  
except ZeroDivisionError:
    ox = 0

and the same for other two gases. A question is that “56000” must be modified to get the right resistance values?

on the other hand, I’m reading the 3 resistance values (Ox, Red and NH3) and I’d like to convert that values to ppm for each gas but I can’t find the right expression to do it.

I’m confused if the resistance that I read in the example code is Rs, R0 or (Rs/R0) ratio.

I would highly appreciate if you can give me some information about it.

The project send data by MQTT to Ubidots bus it is working good.

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Cristian Medina
Bogotá, Colombia.

This is an old unanswered question. gas.py does not (any more) contain that formula - it and other examples simply display Rs in kOhm.

The value measured is Rs. A problem is that we do not know R0, except that it varies hugely between sensors. And the relationship between Rs/R0 and ppm needs a log-log plot to make a straight line. But we can easily do a lot better that just displaying in kOhm

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