My customized 2022 10 inch Picade Build (complete mod) updated 10/22/22

Hey everyone. Here is my little project. It’s a work in progress.

Added a small amp in front and a volume knob. I used a pimoroni sticker that came with the picade to cover the hole I made for the volume knob.

Added a 2nd speaker from an old picade kit.

Went with a zero delay usb encoder. It’s simple and easy and most of all it works perfect with retropie. I was concerned with having the picade hat and being able to cool the pi. So I also went with the a pimoroni fan shim fan. Just waiting for a petrockblock powerblock which will sit over the fan slightly and will work with the power button on the side. I will update pics when it arrives.

Here is the artwork I made to use.



Control Panel

Printed on a card stock paper that has sparkles in it. Looks nice when light is right.

I had to move some of the parts inside around. It is a tight fit. Had to make room for my player 1 and coin buttons that are coming tomorrow. they are little long so I had to move the usb encoder over which I then had to move the speaker back.I think I will move the pi over as well so I will have room to connect the power button cords better. Still waiting on the petrock block powerblock.

took the inner button piece from the yellow button and switched with black out piece. Did that for some of the other buttons as well.

Found this 3 in 1 button. The picade came with 10 button holes but I wanted to use all 12 in the usb encoder. So for the button in retro arch I will use for hot keys (, In game menu, reverse, and exit.)

I will print the bezel again and cut. Cutting this thng is not easy. I don’t like how the inside came out. I cut too much on the inner top left.

Tight fit but looking good so far. Just going to move the pi over to the right.

The coin and player 1 button came in.

Not sure If I will keep the 8 ball ball top but it sure looks cool. I am more of a bat top player.

Ordered some ultimarc gold leaf push buttons red/yellow/ and orange to replace the 6 play buttons. Also waiting on the petrockblock power block to connect the power button then it will be done.

Ultimarc GoldLeaf Pushbuttons

Smart Power Button / Power Switch for the Raspberry Pi

I printed my artwork on this paper. The pictures don’t show well but in real life view it glitters. Looks nice.

I finally got those Ultimarc Gold Leaf buttons. They feel lovely.

Final addition. With a regular power supply I was getting a low voltage icon. I got a 20 watt 5v 4a power supply and all is good. Now I am running the audio amp, usb encoder, 10 inch screen, and a wifi dongle and I am not getting a low voltage icon. Mission accomplished.

This is the power supply.
Geekworm Raspberry Pi 4 Power Supply, 20W 5V 4A USB C Power Adapter Type C Fast Charger UL Listed Support Raspberry Pi 4 Model B/NASPi/DACPi/X-C1/X825/X735/X728/X708/X706/X703/X930

No low voltage …YAY!!!


This looks awesome. Were you the one who created the hip hop album cover artwork? I’ve been trying to fit that to the 2022 10in picade with no luck

Thanks. Yes I made a lot of templates. Can you go to the post and tell what post nimber it is? I can make a new one for the new picade. You are saying you have this new model right.

It looks absolutely fantastic. Well done.

OK so which one are you talking about?

Hi Angel - here is the hip hop one

the 2nd punnisher is bad ass too.

What size screen you have on the picade? 10 inch or 8?

I have the new 10 inch.