Observing second bme680 burn in - after upgrade to latest bme680 library on both!


yeah, cool, they seem to work OK, second one started reading higher air quality than first but after 24 hours actually coming in line on the so call “ohms” reading for air quality…

temperature and air pressure both quite close, new bme680 about 3% lower on humidity than old one been running for 3 months or so…

not got the third one running yet!

reckon with new library they are less “steppy” in air quality “ohms”


the new sensor is now reading lower (in quite close proximity to each other but bit more airy box on the new sensor…)

old sensor


new sensor


but then, I suspect as the new sensor has not been outside when air quality was in the 400,000 range (very good) it is relative to it’s highest reading…

stm sensor got all the logic you would have to manually code for one of those expensive wand co2 sensors which need exposing to an absolute minimum co2 level (somewhere outside in the cundry when they have not been spreading pig poop probably) value to calibrate…