On/Off Shim why seperate power?

Hi there,

Apologies if this is a daft question but why does the On/OFF shim need a power socket? I’d intended to get one for my pi zero and thought I’d be able to simply wire up a button and that would be it. However if I need to power my pi via this new power input, it won’t fit in the case I have.

Therefore, could someone explain the need for a seperate power input? And how it differs from other on/off solutions which simply connect up a switch to pins 5 and 6?

The On Off shim completely removes power from the Pi when shut down.
Its the equivalent to doing a shut down and then unplugging your power supply.
To do this it has to be between your power supply and Pi.
From the product page
Just plug your micro-USB power supply into the micro-B connector on OnOff SHIM, and then press the button once to switch on power and boot up your Pi. After installing our software (details below), you can press and hold the button for one second to initiate a clean shutdown and completely cut the power to your Pi.

If all you want is a shut down button this might be a better option

It comes with the female header. Just solder your button to the pads for pins 5 and 6.

Ahh I see. That’s great, thanks a lot for that @alphanumeric :)

The really cheap / inexpensive way to do it is to just use two female jumper wires. Plug one end into the GPIO Pins 5 and 6 and solder the other ends to your button.