On / Off Shim won't turn off


Are there any log messages I can look for to diagnose why my on/off shim won’t turn off?

The button turns it on ok, and the led illuminates when it’s pressed, so I guess it’s software related. It appears to install ok, and I have /bin/bash /usr/bin/cleanshutd running which I believe is the shutdown listening service.

I am not seeing anything in the syslog when pressing the button. I have tried different combinations of press times on and around 1 second, ie less and greater than.


I think you might be encountering the same problem from here- OnOff Shim working Config

Which is now on my radar to fix tomorrow: https://github.com/pimoroni/clean-shutdown/issues/21

Thank you, this appeared to have been my issue, it is working as expected now!

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