OnOff Shim + PowerBoost 1000c.. low battery poweroff?

Can the OnOff Shim be combined with a PowerBoost 1000c so when the battery on the powerboost is running low, the OnOff shim shuts down the system properly? Has anyone done it? Thanks

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I am not sure what you have in mind, but the OnOff SHIM can only shut power at its own input source, 5V via micro USB.

… if you just want a safe shutdown to occur though, that is possible via a number of ways. I believe Adafruit document how to perform this in their learning portal, or you could use our generic clean-shutdown daemon.

Thank you for your reply.

Do you recommend the clean-shutdown daemon even with the “onoffshim” one-liner installed?

With the onoffshim one-liner, does it poweroff the system if I do a halt (or poweroff) command from the shell? - or does it only do a proper shutdown and poweroff if I press the button on the shim?

I guess my thought was, I could use the Powerboost 1000c as a battery pack/pass-thru charger thingy (so 5v usb power cable from the wall would plug into the Powerboost) then the Powerboost would have a small USB Micro cable going to the onoffshim. If voltage from the battery on the Powerboost drops below some threshold either trigger a GPIO pin to cause a shutdown that the onoffshim is monitoring, or somehow detect it in a script and trigger the shutdown from there.

I have a handheld baby cam monitor (built based very closely to the Pi grrl 2 hardware specs). The only flaw in it really right now is that it will get stuck in a low-voltage boot loop when the battery is too low. And I KNOW that’s gonna make for an unhappy SD card if I do that too many times :).

So long story short: yes I would like this to do a safe shutdown when my Powerboost battery gets low.


EDIT: Btw, there are some tutorials online for triggering a halt or shutdown when the voltage drops, but that still doesn’t power it off. That’s what I think this Shim could be very helpful to achieve is that last final step of powering it off once the shutdown is complete. I will look into that a little bit…

[quote=“aplocher, post:4, topic:4829”]
Do you recommend the clean-shutdown daemon even with the “onoffshim” one-liner installed?[/quote]
the onoffshim one-liner is just like rolling clean-shutdown with pre-configured config for that product / use case.

The poweroff will indeed kick in even if you call the shutdown manually (as opposed to press-hold the OnOff SHIM button).

I’m not familiar enough with the powerboost to know whether that setup / modification would be safe. I’ll ask our engineer he might have some words of wisdom for you…

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