PA1010D GPS support for Micropython

I’m using a Badger 2040 W to make a GPS tracker. I’m using the PA1010D GPS breakout. I’m wiring it up using the STEMMA QT connector, over I2C.

The PA1010D has a library for it, written in CiruitPython. However, BadgerOS W is written in MicroPython, and so is the Badger2040 library that lets me take full advantage of the E-Ink display’s capabilities.

So here’s my question: I know that there are libraries written in MicroPython that let you access GPS devices, but I don’t know how to make these work with the PA1010D, or which library it would work with. For example, would it work with micropyGPS? And how would I reverse engineer it?

Our pal Mike ported parts of the Python library to MicroPython so he could use it with Badger, might be worth a look?

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It’s great! It has everything that I need.

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