Pan and Tilt hat, enable pan and tilt controls with RPi-Cam-Web page

Hello everyone,
I have seen this question asked, but not specifically enough to have got an answer, so I’m going to try asking it slightly differently.
I have a Pan and Tilt Hat all assembled and working on a Raspberry Pi 3.
It works with the face tracker, I can use the and web page to move the camera (pan and tilt), so far, so good.
What I REALLY want to do is to use the RPi-Cam-Web interface to view what the camera can see AND be able to move the camera using the same web page.
I see in the documentation/code for RPi-Cam-Web that it can work with servoblaster and creating a file called servo_on gives me four arrow controls on the web page for the camera which in turn seem to call methods (in a servoblaster library ?) to move the camera accordingly.
So, on the face of it, it would seem it could be possible to drive the Pan and Tilt hat the same way ?
Can anyone give me any pointers on how to do this please ?
Alternatively, would it be possible to “embed” the RPi-Cam-Web “min.php” viewer (apologies if the terminology is incorrect !) in the web GUI for ?
At the moment, I can either have two web pages open, one to view and one to control, or view on computer, control on 'phone.
Just curious, it’s just beyond my coding capabilities at the moment - I really need a shove in the right direction (this web thang will never catch on you know ;)
More than happy to put some time and effort in and share results.
Thanks in advance

Ahhh - I’ve now stumbled upon waveform’s excellent solution !
Had a few fun and games 'cos I didn’t understand the significance of the master thing in git, but grabbing the files manually from the site and enabling I2C on the RPi 3 and result is a working solution that does precisely what I want.
I note that Safari doesn’t want to play ball, but it works just fine with Chrome on the macos platform.
Very many thanks to waveform for the excellent job.

Would you mind to share your solution?

Have a look at this thread #HELP# building an Pan-Tilt Webinterface for Pimoroni Pan-Tilt HAT FULL KIT with Webcam Server the details are there.