Phat Beat click sound when clicked play

Hi, I got my phat Beat last week. I installed spotyfy using your script. Everything went smoothly.
All seems to work good. But some times I get get a loud click from the speaker when pressing play or stop. Once the music is on then it plays ok. Do you have any tips what might it be.

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This is something we’re continuing to look into. We know exactly what it is and why it happens, but actually fixing it is complicated.

In short, when audio starts or stops playing, the clock signal to the I2S DAC also starts and stops, effectively turning the DAC on/off and when that happens the output audio signal goes from idle (probably ground) to midrail (output voltage * 0.5) instantly, taking the speaker cone with it.

Thanks for quick reply. Looking forward to any solutions. :)

Any update on this one ? Do you have any solution ?

See: Speaker phat vs. phat dac, clicks only on speaker phat

Pulse Audio is probably the best solution, but has some overheads which the Pi Zero doesn’t deal well with.

I’ll lock this thread, since it’s best to have all the discussion in the one place (linked above) or I’ll lose track of this thread again!