pHat-Beat technical question

what values of speaker impedance can be used with the pHat-Beat?


I believe as low as 4 ohms, according to this, It’s the same chip Pimoroni are using.
•dual I2S DAC/amplifiers for stereo audio (MAX98357A)
The speaker pHat ( has the same chip) uses an 8 ohm speaker. I have 8 ohm speakers on my pHat Beat.

after looking at the Adafruit page, if you increase the speaker impedance you decrease the power

Output Power: 3.2W at 4Ω, 1.8W at 8Ω,

For what its worth, mine are plenty loud enough for me. I hardly ever have the volume up loud enough to lite up 3 LED’s on the VU meter. I’m pretty sure but not positive, my speakers are 8 ohms. I’d have to take one of the enclosures apart to confirm. Its some repurposed speakers from a Logitech R20 speaker set. The Amp part died on me after many years service.