pHAT Beat - VUmeter Colour Change?

Loving the pHAT Beat, on my third one now, for my current project I could do with adjusting the LED colours though, so that instead of going green-amber-red they’re red all the way across, but still go up and down keeping the same VU meter function.

Must be possible, I just can’t find the right way to make the change!

Any ideas gratefully appreciated, thanks.

Are you running your own code?
Or maybe one of the examples?
Or the Pirate Radio setup?

Just playing an MP3 from the desktop after a full standard installation, all is working absolutely fine, all I want to do is change the colour of the LEDs used in the VU meter.

Ok, I have mine setup as the Pirate Radio / Internet Radio.
Not sure this will help but have a look. There is some info on controlling the LEDs.

I would think you’ll have to find the pHat Beat install directory, if it exists. And look for a config file.

@Scott posted this in another thread on how to change the VU meter sensitivity. You might have to do something similar, but to a different line in that file. To be honest I don’t understand what it does or how it does it, but it did work.

You can increase the sensitivity on the Phat Beat VU Meter by doing the following:
cd Pimoroni/pivumeter
nano src/devices/phat-beat.c
Change line 88 to:
int bar = (meter_level * (meter_level / 8) / 131071.0f) * (brightness * (NUM_PIXELS/2));
Recompile the library:
sudo make
sudo make install
Sudo reboot

Now your VU meter is more sensitive! Tweak the values to your liking.