can i use the phat beat only for the vu meter . i have a x400 audio board , is there way to use it
thank for your help ?

You only need BCM23 and BCM24 (plus appropriate 5v power and ground connections) to drive the LEDs on pHAT BEAT: I don’t think the X400 uses those pins.

The VU is driven by an ALSA plugin called Pi VU Meter, which you can find here:

It’s added as a PCM scope via /etc/asound.conf which should look something like this:

is there a way to add a vu meter or leds to go on and off with audio from the x400 audio board & my Pi3 b+ and my old fashion wood case . i made a juke box and i want to have leds in it . what board do you sell with leds to light it up . i want phat beat & leds too !

Unicorn HAT HD would make a pretty impressive VU meter, but it would require using the in-development socket mode of PiVUMeter - and I’m still unsure if it’s completely stable.