PhatBeat - Button Bounce?


Afternoon - I have a file that plays via the Phatbeat Play/Pause , linked up a Massive Arcade Button.

All works fine, but it plays twice, i assume i am getting some bounce on the button. Does anyone know where i can change the settings at all?



I have a pHat Beat running Pirate Radio (VLC Radio). I have mini arcade buttons wired up to mine. I’m not noticing your issue. I don’t use the play pause very much though. Usually volume up down and power off.
Maybe post your code?


Thanks for the reply - i experimented with using standard GPIO calls to trigger the button and that works fine. I must have been conflicting the pause/play button i think…



As long as, and what ever works, it how it often ends up for me. ;)
My buttons are just wired to the same GPIO pins listed on the pHat Beat pinout for the buttons.
I didn’t have to code anything, they just duplicate pressing the buttons on the pHat Beat itself.
In VLC radio anyway.