PianoHat Not Working

Connected new Pianohat to Pi 3. Ran the commands detailed on Pimoroni web site with no errors. Rebooted the Pi. Entered the example script to use moo.wav having downloaded the wav file.

Ran program and the LEDs for all keys light up but no sound is heard.

Also tried ‘simple-piano.py’ from examples folder with the same result - LEDs light up but no sound.

Other programs produce sound so a bit a bit stuck. Any help gratefully received.

Did you install pygame sudo pip install pygame I do believe thats required for some of the examples and may not be installed by the piano hat installer.

Thanks for replying. Tried your suggestion and it came back saying that pygame was already installed. Have also done a apt-get update and a apt-get upgrade which did take a long time but did not help even after a reboot to ensure that it was all recognised.

Ok, had to double check. I have a Pino Hat, only just briefly played with it the once though.
And couldn’t remeber if I had to do any extra after running
curl https://get.pimoroni.com/pianohat | bash

What are you using for sound? HDMI, analog audio out, or another pHat etc?
I played mine through my TV’s speakers (HDMI)

What OS are you using? Specifically did you use NOOBS or the stand alone Raspbian?
I ask because NOOBS can throw a wrinkle in things as it changes the folder structures a bit.

I am using speakers through the audio port. These work OK running mocp to play music, and that is run from the command line.

I used NOOBS to build the OS.

Oh and the command you ran ‘curl etc etc’ is the same as I used to set things up.

Good news I now have a working pianohat. It would appear that running the apt-get upgrade has sorted the problem but also appears to have set the volume on the pi to zero. I found this out when I checked that I could still get music to play. You can imagine my embarrassment when I found that no sound was coming out. That will teach me to check the fundamentals after running the apt-get upgrade command.

Thanks anyway alphanumeric for your help. Off now to try to grips with the mini keyboard.

That stuff happens. Main thing is its now working.
Those mini keyboards can be fun. I have one I like for quick stuff, it has a built in touch pad.
If I’m going to be typing a lot of commands in a terminal window I tend to go hunting for a full sized keyboard.