Pibrella no longer for sale?


is the Pibrella no longer for sale? Sounds like it was a great little add-on to learn some basic programming without messing around with breadboards?

any particular reason is it no longer listed in the pimoroni shop, temporary or permanent situation?

anyhow, I was looking to pick up an intro kit Pi A+ with Pibrella for a nephew imminently, is it worth hunting down one or are there issues with the latest Raspbian I should be aware of… as far as I can tell it is listed as compatible with the Pi 2, so I assume that the DT won’t cause too much trouble?


I use my Pibrella with my pi2 and you can see it here on my A+
the cable isn’t needed, was just testing it worked :)

however the Explorer Hat or Explorer Hat Pro is similar and probably better value for money even though its more expensive.

but it depends exactly what you want to do with it I guess


Official (I think?) thread of what works and doesn’t with Pi2


Jon mentioned a week or so back that Cyntech are doing a run of them at the moment. Here’s the post: Pibrella availability They still seem to be out of stock though. But you should totally get an Explorer HAT!


I’m not sure, it seems to be a DIY solution and I’m interested to get my nephew programming with scratch, I think based on hs interest he’ll have no motivation messing about with resitors and other electronics.

… but I’ll check it out (maybe for myself haha!)


interestingly, I had made a search and didn’t see that other topic… ah, well, at least you helped me consider alternatives.


There are DIY bits too but also 4 leds and 4 capacative touch buttons already on board vs the 3 leds and 1 button on the Pibrella. The Pibrella has a buzzer too (but at least on mine) it wasn’t that great!

My only issue with the explore hat buttons is that my fingers are a bit big and sometimes I press 2.


ah, I see, I thought the Explorer was just a breadboard mapped to the GPIO, with additional input/outputs. Yes, it seems that apart from the piezo speaker it provides the same potential out of the box.

… I guess that is why Pimoroni stopped carrying it, it’s basically an Explorer Hat, fair enough. I’ll research it more, but the Pibrella just looks more like a toy and less like a hacker field, but that is the whole point for me.


I know what you mean, I got my Pibrella literally the week before the explorer came out and I was frustrated briefly but they are a little different (and the 'brella works on an old pie too).

I like minimalist interfaces and its fun to see just what you can do with one button and some LEDs!