Does Pibrella fit a Raspberry Pi A+?

Hi everyone!

I have an easy question for you: does the Pibrella fit onto an A+ or do I need to get a ribbon cable to connect the GPIO pins to the Pibrella?

I’m putting together a project which requires a couple of buttons connected to a Pi A+. I’m looking at the Pibrella because I want a better solution than the breadboards and circuit boards I’ve put together in the past. I don’t mind connecting them via a ribbon cable, but it would be nice to know before I order & receive it :-)



It should work…i don’t see why it wont ? however i would do some further investigation work just to be 100%

What is your project ?

Short answer yes.

Exhibit A:

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All the purple! That’s really a thing of beauty.

As kindly demonstrated, you need to seat anything with a shorter header aligned to the edge opposite the USB port.

Thanks for the quick replies!

My project is a visual alarm clock for my 5 year old son. This is a clock that has red, yellow, & green LEDs on it so that he knows when it’s ok to come wake mommy & daddy up on weekend mornings (ie. not at 6:00, which is when he usually gets up). It also provides a couple of other features:

  • I outfitted it with a web server that presents a form allowing me to enter text, which it will then read out loud to him via Google’s voice API.
  • It has a couple of buttons. One plays a random song from a collection of MP3 files and the other tells him the time.

This is actually a rebuild of a project I put together about a year ago. I wanted to replace the model B Pi he has with an A+ because I have other plans for the B :-)

Once this is done, I’m going to build the same thing for his little brother.



That’s one of the best project i have heard for a long time… got to get them ZzZz’s eh !
What do you plan to house all of this genius technology ? It will have to be tough i imagine, something that can bounce ?

  • giant bouncy ball.

Keep us updated on your build, ill be watching this thread! :)

It’s currently in a big ugly black project box I picked up at a local electronics store, but I want to make something more interesting… possible Lego (although then I have to make sure he doesn’t dismantle it).