Pibrella on a B+ board

I’m not sure which end of the GPIO I’m supposed to plug the Pibrella into since the B+ has more pins than the Pibrella was made to connect with.

Do I plug it into the pins closest to the USB ports leaving the last 14 pins open? Or do I plug it into the pins farthest away from the USB ports leaving those closest 14 pins open?


This is a really useful link for which pins are which

It’s not totally clear from the image, but the pinout linked is shown as if you were looking at your Pi face on with the USB ports pointing downwards.

The top 26 pins are the ones from A/B Pi’s, and the bottom 14 pins are the additional ones added on the A+, B+ and Pi 2.

The PiGlow page under “learn more” will show you exactly what pins it uses!

Thanks! That’s the kind of guidance I needed!