I was wondering if the Pimoroni PiGlow supported the Raspberry Pi B+.



It does indeed! Just make sure you position it in the same position it would be on the B :-)


Hi, I got a PiGlow for christmas and am trying to connect it to my RPi B+. Is there a diagram or something that shows which pins to attach it to? When i lined it up parallel to the last pins and tried to push it down, it gave quite extreme resistance, so I moved it to the left one space, so the last two holes (under the ‘P’ of the PiGlow motif) were free, and it pushed into place fully. I can’t get it to work using the ScratchGPIO guide by Simon Walters, but I don’t know if it is failing because the PiGlow is fitted wrong or because the ScratchGPIO guide hasn’tbeen updated for RPiB+. There is talk on some forums about making changes to RPi.GPIO to account for the B+ variation, so I wouldn’t be surprised if that was an issue with scratch too. Any advice would be warmly recieved! Thanks!


It MUST be placed on the first set of pins - see this video for information! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9VMimap3TIs#t=1804


This should help a lot and get you up and running with the piglow.
here is a photo of my Ninja Pi with piglow. - if you need any help let us know.


Hi! Apologies for not replying sooner - that was loads of help, thanks! One of the holes on the PiGlow was slightly blocked by a connetor or something but my Dad managed to free it with a sewing pin and then it slotted into place correctly and worked ;)


PiGlow for Lua
For all you Lua-enthusiasts: I just uploaded a Lua version of the PiGlow library to github: https://github.com/1linux/lua_piglow