Piglow help

Hi all, i am new to the forum and i have set up an account for my 8 year old son who has a raspberry pi b+.
He recieved a pibow rainbow case, camera and piglow for his birthday and is doing well so far.
The case is on , the camera he has managed to get working, but the piglow is proving difficult for him.
We have followed the instructions on the raspberry pi website,github and the pimorini website but we cannot get to the point where we are inputting the properties for the led’s.
We have downloaded all software etc and when we get to the test.py section we have a syntax error,import error message. We are bewildered(especially me).
Does anyone know an easy to follow instruction that will definately work?
I know this is an often asked question as we have searched the forums but we cannot find the problem.
Hope someone out there can help,
Julian and Joseph.

Being quite new to all tbjs, I struggled initially too. Have you followed all the steps here:

I noticed the other day when I set mine up that it was vague about getting the actual library. Where it talks about cloning the github repo you can type

git clone https://github.com/pimoroni/piglow/

In a terminal and it should download the samples. If you nose around in the folder that gets downloaded you should find them.

In the end I cloned one of the 3rd party libraries linked from here which had a nice python library to address the LEDs in a logical fashion: https://github.com/pimoroni/piglow/blob/master/README.md

I THINK the Jason Barnett one but don’t have my pi to hand, hence this post all being a bit vague, sorry! Hopefully it gives you both a clue and if not i’m sure someone will give a better answer soon!

Thanks Gisky, that was quick, i will let Joe have a look at doing this tomorrow. He’s already been on one gadget or another for 4 hours today so a rest is in order.

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Had a chance to look and it was https://github.com/Boeeerb/PiGlow I used, though one of the other links says its an improved version I think. I probably went with the link above as it has quite detailed instructions of what to run and where! Good luck Joe :)

Success!! Thanks for your help Gisky.
It transcended that when Joe was downloading noobs etc at the very beginning that the download didn’t complete and had been causing all the problems so far( he thought it would still work) in his haste to get things working and some time passing he had forgotten.
We wiped the sd card of all programs and started afresh with updates and upgrades complete and now the piglow is working a treat.
He is well chuffed,
thanks again,

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I like a happy ending!

Well, hopefully a happy beginning !

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