Connecting the PiGlow?


Hi, my PiGlow just came in the mail. Problem is I don’t know how to attach it to my Pi. I watched some videos and put it in the correct position but it seems to not stay on it. it just tilts down, or if I turn the pi over a little it just falls off. Am I supposed to press really hard to make it stick to the pins?


Yes. It is a press fit. You don’t have to force it but you need to push with your thumb and forefinger on either edge of the connector side to seat the it on the GPIO pins. You will know when it’s seated in position as it will bottom out. If it doesn’t stay on, you’ve probably not pressed it down firmly enough. Make sure you use an even pressure so as not to bend any of your RasPi’s GPIO pins.

The PiGlow connector is nearly as deep as the pins are tall. It won’t sit flat against the base of your RasPi’s GPIO pins but it will come very close. If you have a GPIO breakout cable, it has a similar tension fit as the PiGlow does. It’s not a Herculean effort to mount it but it does take a little bit of pressure.