Possible to cable the piglow


Would it be safe to connect the piglow via a ribbon cable. nothing will melt?


Yes! I’ve done this via numerous occasions, and even have an Arduino library and pinout documented for it. I’ve also run two at the same time.

You can run the whole PiGlow at 3.3v if you have enough current, or at 5v if you’re using it with an Arduino ( obviously not with a Pi ).

You can just stuff jump wires in the right holes, too, don’t necessarily need a whole cable.

We use ribbon cables to connect boards to testing jigs, so they take the brunt of the wear and tear- with no ill effect!


oh that sounds awesome! do you happen to have the pin guide?


Aye, it’s not great but you can find it here: https://github.com/gadgetoid/piglow-arduino


really only 6 pins! thats all i would need for the pi!? nice!


Yup! It’s quite an easy hookup. And two of those pins are 3.3v anyway so you can pull them from the same pin on the Pi.

In fact, you should be able to put other things on the i2c bus, also, just by running the SCL/SDA pins into a breadboard. You can kinda run two PiGlows at the same time, but it’s very flaky and intermittent since they both try to respond at the same time.