How to install an inky phat without breaking it

Hi apologies for my ignorance, but I have an inky phat that I am trying to install on my raspberry pi zero, but the GPIO connector seems pretty stiff and I have been applying some force but it won’t go on, and I was wondering how robust they are as the last thing I want is to apply too much force and damage it.

Does anyone have any tips on how to apply this ?

Many thanks

I wouldn’t expect it to need too much force; check that all the pins are lining up properly with their corresponding holes - it can be easy for one (usually in the middle…/sigh) to be slightly out of alignment and snag on the connector.

Many thanks, I tried a bit of pressure at one side on the PCB and the pins went in, so with the same on the otherside, managed to get it go connect properly, so many thanks.