Inky Phat Display Breaking Raspberry Pi Zero W

Hi Fairly new here but im currently onto my second raspberry Pi Zero W and I’m starting to think its not my fault and its the displays fault.

For context I’ve followed the normal route of setting up a raspberry pi by flashing the image and then making sure everything working accordingly however as soon as I unplug the device and connect the inky phat display and try to boot up it does not allow me to use it however it does appear on my network and replies to pings but then once you unplug and plug in again its fully dead no light replies to pings no appearance on the network.

I’ve done this process twice now after purchasing a new raspberry pi and checked the Raspberry Pi at every stage as I wanted to double make sure it wasn’t something I’ve done but alass once again as soon as I attach the inky phat display it goes dead.

I’m fairly certain the issue is the display but after killing two devices I feel I’ve been made to pay for more than I should I would like to request replacement pi zero W and Inky phat display. i am more than happy to post the faulty items back.

If you have a multi meter, check pin 1 for 3.3v. It sounds like a PMIC failure. If both Zero’s have no 3.3v I’d be suspecting a hardware fault on the Inky.

Raspberry Pi GPIO Pinout

Following your advice, I checked the 3.3V pin with a multimeter and confirmed that the voltage was present. I then proceeded to check for any short circuits on the Inky pHAT by measuring the resistance between the power (3.3V and 5V) and ground pins. Unfortunately, the Inky pHAT showed no resistance, indicating a short circuit, both when tested alone and when connected to the Raspberry Pi.

Based on these findings, I have contacted the support staff with a detailed description of the issue and my diagnostic steps. I’ve requested replacements for both the Raspberry Pi Zero W and the Inky pHAT display, as it seems the faulty display might have caused damage to the Pi.

I apologize if my initial messages came across as blunt. I greatly appreciate your guidance, which helped me identify the issue more accurately.

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For anyone who may stumble across this, I would just like to provide an update Following your advice, I confirmed the 3.3V was present and identified a short circuit in the Inky pHAT by measuring resistance. I contacted support and they resolved the issue immediately, providing excellent service. highly recommend this company for their outstanding customer service.

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