I think I've killed my inky

I’ve been using my Raspberry Pi zero 2 w as a USB gadge with mass storage, ethernet and serial comms, the inky phat shows the device name, amount of space in the mass storage and any connections. Here’s an example image:

Today it looks like this:

Lots of little lines all over it.

The code is the same, I’ve run logo.py and clean.py it detects the display and updates, but the screen shows the same artifacts. I don’t recall dropping it but I think that’s the most likely explanation.

Should I just run clean.py 20+ times in the hope it comes good?
Or just admit defeat and buy a replacement inky?

Given the connector, and assuming the board isn’t damaged: if I could get the same e-ink display, I should be able take the old one off and stick the new one on. It looks like the bare display in the pics for this Adafruit eInk Feather Friend with 32KB SRAM - Pimoroni

If so, do/can you sell one?

@hel do you have any thoughts or info?

Hmm, it does look like there’s a chunk out of the white potting at the top right corner which protects the screen electronics, which could support the being dropped theory?

E Ink screens sometimes behave oddly when near sources of electronic interference, you could try it in a different location to rule that out? I’d probably try removing it from the enclosure and checking the ribbon cable is still securely plugged into it’s connector and hasn’t been damaged/pinched by the enclosure. A Raspberry Pi OS reinstall to rule out software weirdness probably wouldn’t hurt either.

If that doesn’t help, drop a line to support@pimoroni.com and we’ll see what we can do to help.

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