Inky phat connect to raspberry pi zero


I bought the card inky phat. I have the raspberry pi zero 1.3 (no W - no W H), how do I connect it ?
I read that no soldering is needed, but I don’t know how to attack them on Pin GPIO.
I have the header male and female but how do you hook to the raspberry?

thank you

No soldering is needed to put the InkyPHAT together, and if you’re using a Pi 1/2/3/4 there’s no soldering needed at all. However, for the Zero or Zero W you need to attach a header to the board.

If you’re not comfortable soldering you could try using hammer headers.

Thanks for the reply.
I also have a rasperry zero W H, I can connect it without soldering ? and without hammer headers?

thank you

Yes, the Zero WH is pre-soldered so you should just be able to plug it in directly, just ensure that you plug it in the right way around (the PHAT should be on top of the Zero, not to the side).