InkyWhat Pinouts and Hard Wire to Pi Zero


I have a Zero and a Inky What I need to solder wire from the GPIO (Not using the hard header)

This project below suggests that I could just solder the 10 wires as shown in the picture.

However looking at the official PINOUTS on the Pimoroni website, it suggests different??

Will it be ok to connect as pictured??

Thanks in advance.



According to the pinout, that shouldn’t work. The pinout linked to from the Inky What page is for the Inky pHat though. I guess one is to assume they have the same pinout?

I guess one is to assume they have the same pinout?

If you follow the Pinout link on the InkyWHAT page it takes you to the pinout for the InkyPHAT, so they seem to be the same.

If you look closely most of the soldering is to pin headers or a socket header on the Zero, and most of them seem to be a 1:1 replicate of the InkyWHAT headers. It seems they’ve changed the Chip Select pin, but they don’t seem to be using the 5V line which the pinout suggests Inky needs.

A bunch of the grounds aren’t wired up either? On the Pi they are all one common ground (all connected together). Thats not always the case on the Hat though, They are assuming it is going to be plugged into the Pi.
I found this out with my LED Shim. Two grounds are shown as used. I only wired up one of them and it didn’t work. Once i hooked up the second one all was OK.

I can only assume that whoever wrote up the Thingiverse project got it working, unfortunately we don’t have the board schematic to check. You’d really need a better look at the THingiverse page to see whta is going on.

It’s a little frustrating.

Even on the Official pinout chart posted originally it does not indicate which Ground is used by the Inky What/Phat.

Do Pimoroni not have a spec sheet? Or even a schematic available.
I need to hard wire this asap.

I see my Inky Phat has a SMY header also.

Can I not just connect to that and ignore the 40pin GPIO?

The Pinout does show what grounds are used, it doesn’t do it very well though.
There are black horseshoe shaped markers on the grounds used.

You could use male to female jumpers. and not have to do any soldering etc.

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The case I have has no room to use them unfortunately.

It’s flush to the back of the Inky What.caseinky


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Ok, it looks like you options are to plug the Pi directly into the back of the inky or use a booster header.

A stock female header “may” work. The male pins on the booster header are longer than the stock solder it header. That’s to ensure they make good contact in the SMT header.