Pi W + Inky, how to attach on?


i have a question about attaching diplay to Pi, how can i do without soldering?
I have a presoldered header on Pi but display need to be pushed down to refresh.


It sounds like it isn’t firmly connected to the Pi. It is a press fit connection.

So i need to buy a female solderless header to attach it?

No just make sure its firmly attached to (pressed down on) the Pi’s GPIO. If you have already done that something else is going on.

I have fear to broke it :/ seems that not go more than this, pratically is only leaning to the pins.

Ok, it only goes on so far, it won’t fully cover the GPIO pins. The full sized headers do but those narrow SMT ones don’t. I just wanted to make sure it was pressed on and not just loosely sitting on top.
Kind of sounds like yours may be defective?
If you go here
there is an option to e-mail tech support directly and see if they will replace it. Just put a link to this thread in the e-mail.

I attach a photo to show if I miss something

I don’t think you have it on all the way? It does take a fair bit of pressure to push the header onto the pins.

Oh! Now it works, thanks a lot mate, days of attempts… :’)

Insert big thumbs up smiley here, lol. =)
Enjoy it and have fun. ;)