Inkyphat not working


Just attached my inkyphat to a pi zero w and successfully installed all the software for it. I can run the python programs but nothing updates to the screen.

OS is Rasbian GNU/Linux 9.4 Stretch.
inkyphat is attached using a solder-less header

Not sure what other info you need but happy to supply more on request.

Solderless header as in Hammer header? Inky pHat firmly pressed down?

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Yeah. The phat is secure. I think when I attach the phat when the pi is powered on it spits a load of lines out to the command line but I figured that was because it should be attached when the power is off.

Solved. Really pushed down on the hat and it clicked in further than previously. Screen now updates correctly!

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That was an easy one, glad you got it working. I make it a habit not to remove or add pHats or Hats while the Pi is powered up.