Picade Hat X plasma serial port

Has anyone managed to get a device named


after a Picade Hat X install, to connect plasma leds to, as per the docs ?

I have a


but that is there regardless of the picade hat x.
The picade hat overlay seem to make no mention of a serial port.

GPIO pins will work, but with no serial port added, I can’t get it to work via the plasma port.
What am I missing…

Any suggestions ?

Have you installed the Plasma software?
pimoroni/plasma: Plasma LED driver, FX Sequencer and plugins (github.com)

That worked for me with my Blinkt, and no Picade Hat.

Yeo all the software is running.
GPIO setup works fine.

Serial config doesnt work…/dev/ttyAMA0 simply does not exist.

The only config edit I had to make was
sudo nano /etc/systemd/system/plasma.service
and changed the -o GPIO:14:15 to -o GPIO:23:24 for my Blinkt.
sudo nano /usr/bin/plasma
and changed LIGHTS = 10 to LIGHTS = 2 for my Blinkt

It should just work if your LED’s are wired up to GPIO 14 and 15 which is what the plasma header uses.

I did consider the header was connected to the GPIO ports.

I tried 14 and 15 without success on the plasma port…yet the GPIO headers worked.

I am now using 2 and 3 successfully.

Nothing works on the plasma header

Maybe the plasma header is wired incorrectly…

As far as I know the Plasma header just connects to the GPIO pins. It uses the Button 7 and 8 pins.
Picade X HAT at Raspberry Pi GPIO Pinout

It would be great if someone who has the Picade Hat X could confirm the Plasma header works.

I cant see one example anywhere from anyone who has got this header working.
Happy to be proved wrong.

The documentation is pretty specific as per below.

"Note: If you’re using Picade Player X you should edit daemon/etc/systemd/system/plasma.service and change the output device option from -o GPIO:15:14 to -o SERIAL:/dev/ttyACM0

Can I ask why, as far as you know, you think it is just an extension of the header pins, and as such making the documentation obsolete ?

Player X is not the Picade X Hat, it’s a totally different product.