Pico Explorer display on full brightness


I can’t seem to change my Pico Explorer display backlight. The Explorer just has a Pico installed, nothing on the breadboard yet. The first time I turned it on (without program) the display seemed to power on at full brightness.

I have modified the demo program just to set the brightness but it is having no effect on the brightness at all. I am using C++ from a Windows PC. Using the code:

uint8_t brightness = 128;

and testing with values between 0 and 255. Whatever value I set has no effect on the backlight.

The rest of the display part of the demo is working fine.

I’m wondering if I have a faulty display. Are there any checks I can do to determine please?

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I’ve just looked at the GitHub repository and 4 hours ago there was the following commit:

“Removed set_backlight from PicoExplorer, as the board does not have backlight control”

That is disappointing.