Piglow lights on, still on after shutdown


I have a raspberry pi model b 512mb, with a piglow and pibow ninja case.

It runs raspbian with the issabove code from http://issabove.com.

I have a cron set to shutdown the raspberry at a specific time each day, however sometimes the issabove code is cycling the lights on the raspberry pi at this time, and if the shutdown happens to kick in just as the piglow is lit up with any number of leds, this remain on with the red act light.

Is there a command or a way to send a signal to the piglow perhaps to turn off its lights just before powering off.



Your shutdown script should probably include the following steps:

  • Kill the issabove script
  • Run a simple python script to turn all the PiGlow LEDs off
  • Shutdown your Pi

The Python script could be something like:

import piglow

If you’re using our Piglow library from: https://github.com/pimoroni/piglow