PIM486 Enviro lcd not working

I recently got a Raspberry Pi 0 W, and Enviro HAT (no air quality or particulate sensor) from Pimoroni. I followed the instructions and set up the enviro python library to work with the Pi Zero W, and some of the files work such as temperature or humidity readings. However, when running files that make use of the screen on the Enviro, I cannot get information to output. After running something like lcd.py, or all-in-one-enviro-mini.py the LCD does not display readings - the most it does is turn the backlight on.

The sensors do work, because readings appear in the terminal from weather.py. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong. Maybe it’s the st7753 library but I ran the check-install.py and it said everything looks good. My soldering was botchy admittedly but I pressed the boards together and did a once over on the pins so the connections seem good. I am not quite experienced in python but added a new python file that was supposed to draw something but still no output on the screen. Please could someone help?

You could try the scrolling text example for that screen.
st7735-python/examples/scrolling-text.py at master · pimoroni/st7735-python · GitHub
With this edit

disp = ST7735.ST7735(

Hi, I cloned that repository, went into the directory, and the file was grey so I ran the install.sh and updated execute permissions just to be safe. I ran the scrolling-text.py default, and also with changes and only when I did the changes the backlight turned on, but I still couldn’t see any text. I don’t know what I should do now, I haven’t contacted Pimoroni support yet.

I’d probably contact Pimoroni now. I’d put a link to this thread in that e-mail.
Contact Us for Raspberry Pi Technical Support - Pimoroni

Ok I’ll do that. Thanks.