Pimoroni Micropython 1.23.0 PicoW hangs

After the upload of ‘MicroPython 932f76c6ba64c5a3e68de3324556d9979f09303b, picow v1.23.0 on 2024-06-04’, the internal LED can’t be managed as usual:

from machine import Pin
led = Pin(‘LED’, Pin.OUT)

now, the process hangs for ever.

With the official Micropython release (MicroPython v1.23.0 on 2024-06-02; Raspberry Pi Pico W with RP2040 the case works.

I’m getting the same - have given @gadgetoid a nudge!

I just built MicroPython’s “master” branch from source without our modules, and:

from machine import Pin
led = Pin("LED", Pin.OUT)
print("Hello World")

Is hanging indefinitely for me.

Walking back to v1.23.0 seems to work.

We’re just slightly ahead of v1.23.0 in our builds to include the pins.csv fix, it seems something breaky has worked its way in and I’ll need to raise this upstream.

Okay I’ve reverted back to v1.23.0 here: TEST: Revert to v1.23.0. · pimoroni/pimoroni-pico@9fbfe5a · GitHub

Try: picow-9fbfe5a7e7a818ccf7d95bf2cb8f27cb3643d555-pimoroni-micropython.uf2

Seems to work for me.

Edit: Ha, the commits I’d swept in to grab my pins.csv fix are very spicy timing related stuff. Small wonder it broke completely and I, once again, am reminded I should not do releases from a bed desk in the wee hours.

Fixed release which no longer includes unstable commits from v1.24.0 preview - Release Version 1.23.0 - Bugfix 1 · pimoroni/pimoroni-pico · GitHub


Thanks, the new release works as expected. short tested with succcess:

  • time.sleep(timeout)
  • utime.sleep(timeout)
  • wifi connection