Pirate Audio Headphone amp: Buttons not working

Thanks to the great instructions I have built my first project and up and running with Spotify. But the on screen buttons are not working? Any steps I should take to troubleshoot as I don’t think it is a hardware issue. Thanks for any advice

I’m thinking you probably need this.

It’s linked too from here

The final part is the Mopidy-Raspberry-GPIO plugin that handles the button presses and links them to core Mopidy functions like playback and volume control. We suggest a default setting of playback and track skip on the top pair of buttons and volume control on the bottom ones, but this can be customised in the /etc/mopidy/mopidy.conf file (in the [raspberry-gpio] section).

Thanks for the advice and I have checked the conf file and the buttons were enabled. Fell back on the old favourites of re seating the hat and then reboot, & it worked. So it might of been a hardware issue after if the HAT was not seated correctly. Time to find a case

That happens some times. Glad you sorted it out. I have the older pHat Beat Pirate Radio. Mine is mounted in an old subwoofer box. I added mini arcade buttons to make life easier. I just wired them up to the same GPIO used by the buttons on the pHat Beat.

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