Pirate Audio: Speaker questions

I am working on a replica Commlock from Space 1999. I was wondering if the LCD screen on the Pirate Audio: Speaker, could be detached from the board mounting without too much difficulty, as I would need to rotate it 45 degrees to mount in the prop?
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I do believe this is that same LCD

It may be easier to use it instead, mounting wise. You would have to extend the ribbon cable on the Pirate Audio one some how. With the stand alone LCD you could use Jumper wire etc.

Rereading your post, do you just want to have it at forty five degrees to the board?
Standing up instead of laying down? I think I may have misunderstood what you meant by rotate. To me rotate means going from portrait to landscape etc.
Anyway, if your careful you may be able to lift it off, depends on what they used to stick it down. I think I would carefully unlatch the ribbon cable, then reattach it after you get the screen off. Be warned though, there is likely a good chance that the screen will crack if you twist it or bend it in any way.