Pirate Radio Phat Beat VU Meter


Hi, it me again.
I have a question. Is it poosible to change the VU Meters Scale, so that is shows higher level on lower loudness?
If yes, how can it be changed?




In /etc/asound.conf you can change the brightness

And the decay_ms and peak_ms values which I am unsure of there use but may be relevant to what you are trying to do.

There is more info here:


I think there was some reference to changing the scale here :


but I don’t know whether @gadgetoid has had chance to look at it yet


currently it’s not possible no. I think there is a rough plan, but currently we’re ironing other things, so no ETA I’m afraid.


Then i solder a resistor to my speaker.



As a stop-gap, it might be worth adding “vu_scale” as a user option. Certainly not ideal, but in the short term it should help a lot.