PIrate Radio with pi-hole

Hi I was thinking of buying the pirate radio kit but was wondering if its also able to run 24/7 as a pi-hole dns server as well? Does the power button completely shut it down? Thanks!

  1. I see no reason that it wouldn’t work as a Pi-Hole server alongside at least the internet radio and Airplay setups we have, although I’ve not tested it. The Mopidy/Spotify/Iris one may be more likely not to work, but there’s every chance it might.

  2. The clean shutdown via the power button relies on our clean-shutdown one-line-installer having been run and installed, so it’s unlike our OnOff SHIM and Picade HAT, where the power is routed through the SHIM/HAT and then cut completely. However, it will completely shutdown your Pi, although it will still draw a small amount of power.

Hope that helps.

Thanks, but is there a way to configure the power button to turn on/off the radio but not shut the pi down? (seeing as it will also be running pi-hole)

Pressing the play/pause button will come close to that. It will stop the stream, turn off the VU and stop the music from playing.

I’m already doing this, using Airplay and Mopidy. Stopping the airplay device, or pressing stop on the mopidy interface are all you need to do.

Great, thanks all and I think I will go for it

I purchased one tonight, I’ll let you know how it goes!

Hi all, all installed and working great. I installed VLC and Mopidy but how do I go about preventing VLC from autostarting on a reboot? (Sorry I know enough about Raspbian to get things going but not sure on stuff like this) Thanks