PirateAudio Display used with Tiny2040 or Pico

Having the PirateAudio module on hand and Tiny2040 on delivery next week, I was wondering can I somehow use the Display together with Tiny2040. If somehow posiible I would ofcourse need instructions how to interconnect the units.

Just outof curiosity
CalleBlyh /Helsinki

That screen connects to SPI0 on the Pi and uses Chip Select 1. Its a 1.3" IPS color LCD (240x240px) (ST7789 driver) which is this screen,
1.3" SPI Colour LCD (240x240) Breakout – Pimoroni
These are the pins used on the Pirate Audio for the screen. Not counting the buttons.
GPIO 7, Pin 26, CE1
GPIO 9, Pin 21, MISO
GPIO 10, Pin 19, MOSI
GPIO 11, Pin 23, SCLK

SCLK - Serial ClocK
CE - Chip Enable (often called Chip Select)
MOSI - Master Out Slave In
MISO - Master In Slave Out
MOMI - Master Out Master In

The pins use by the Pirate Audio are here. If that’s not the one you have change the selection, I don’t think it matters though as far as what GPIO pins are used.
Pirate Audio Speaker at Raspberry Pi GPIO Pinout

Thank U very. That sounds great. Ofcourse there is lots of learning to get micropython alive on Tiny2040

If the PICO Explorer base uses that same display driver, the Pimoroni uf2 image may help you get things working. I can’t see it hurting anything to try it, as long as your careful with your wiring. The Pico Explorer display examples should work with some edits to convert for a Tiny2040. I’d have a look see anyway. You can switch the uf2 file latter if it doesn’t work out.