PiratePython - Pirate Radio


You need to be more specific, what commands exactly? By “computer board” do you mean the Raspberry Pi?


Yesterday I got my little Pirate Radio. It is now up and working as an internet radio. But I have a question/observation.

In all the documentation it refers to the playlist being in /home/pi/.config/vlc/playlist.m3u.
After the initial install this file did not exist, but there was a playlist active. I could not find the file holding this playlist to edit it. It was only when I put the playlist in /boot that the playlist under .config appeared.
Was I missing something, or does the documentation need updating?

Yours, Plummet


Try sudo nano /etc/vlcd/default.m3u
Putting your own in /boot will replace the one I listed above with yours. On a clean install of pirate radio I believe its the one you want to edit.


I have this installed and it is working except I’m not having any luck logging in with the password p1r4t3 with no username.

Also where is the settings.txt file that is reference located?



You can access the Pirate Radio from a web browser.

Enter the following address into the web browser:
http://raspberrypi:8080 or http://pi-ip-address:8080

• At the login prompt leave the username field empty, password is “raspberry”


My little Pirate Radio is now working happily. I have a playlist set up amd my wife and I can both control the channel it is playing through the vlc web interface.

So the next question is …

On the web interface you can see the ability to use the device as a media player. Can anyone tell me where it is expecting to see the audio files, or do I need a file similar to the playlist.3mu to point at the files, and what should it look like?

Ta in hope.