Plasma 2040 pinouts

I’ve got my Plasma 2040 working nicely with an LED strip, but I’d like to use a passive IR sensor to trigger it. Do you have a pinout diagram for the Plasma, so I can use one of the labelled pinouts as a bog standard GPIO input to sense when the IR is triggered? You’ve got labels on them, but I don’t know which GPIO each one is linked to.

There’s a downloadable PDF schematic for the Plasma 2040 on the Pimoroni page for the product at Plasma 2040 – Pimoroni

That should show what’s broken out where.


Thanks, David. Yes, I found the schematic before posting the question, but it makes no sense to a bear of little brain like myself.

Looks to me from this


That the SDA/SCL broken out on the edge of the Plasma 2040 are GPIO20/21 respectively - so I’d imagine you can use them if you’re not planning on using I2C


@kevpartner did you get this working ok? I’ve just received my plasma2040 and am looking to include a reed switch as a door sensor.

Can confirm: works. Used pin SDA/GPIO20 (and then ground) to connect the reed switch. Working nicely.
Under-stairs cupboard now looks a lot funkier :)


Wow looks great, I’m trying to get this to work too. Do you have any code to share please?

Did you get this working? I can probably help you out