Plasma Stick 2040 W - LED brightness contol

Indents will drive you mad in Python and Micro Python.

while True:
(Tab)(Tab)do this 

30+ years’ IT working, but never paid to code, I don’t especially enjoy coding, and even got barred from S.O. (yes, really!) So if it works, it works, happy days. I’m more a soldering, plugging things in enthusiast.
I shall be forever envious though of you folks who can code, and seem to enjoy it too. :-)

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I like Stack Overflow, and am active there as a curator. But I acknowledge that the unwritten knowledge that guides expected conduct - borrowed and stolen from hacker culture - is a minefield for the uninitiated.

Much effort is expected by the company and optimistic/foolish volunteers to make it a more welcoming place while maintaining the quality of the material on the site - but these circles are difficult to square.

@Richard238 I too enjoy the soldering and getting things working part of a project.
I’m a retired electronic technician so I do enjoy that kind of stuff.
I don’t mind coding but it’s by no means anything fancy.
I’m with you. If it works it works. =)