Problem installing Enviro software on Pi zero


I plan to image a new sd card with Raspian Full desktop and start from scratch.

I plan to go through the post, from top to bottom and gather all the notes, what to install etc and build a process document then work to get this going and hopefully contribute back here with what worked etc.

Question. Did all the example scripts work? I’m trying to figure out what to expect as working and not working.

Some of the examples will only work if you also have the PMS5003 Particulate Matter Sensor. Just keep that in mind. It shouldn’t be too hard to look at the code to see if its listed or not. I don’t own an Enviro or Enviro +, just so you know.
I will be playing around with a BME280 and that same 0.96 LCD display and trying to run some of the Enviro+ examples on with them. I’m just waiting for them to arrive.


I don’t have the PMS5003…yet. Ill be ordering one soon though.

I would think if you can get the file to run your good to go.

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Ok…a quick follow up. So my second fresh start has worked much better.

TLDR: The Curl command method worked much better for me this time.

I did a fresh SD card image with full raspbian buster desktop install to a Pi Zero W.
I did an apt update and dist-upgrade.

I tried for the first time; the All-in-One Curl bash install command . Previously I used the git method.

The All-in-One curl command seems to have worked with very little editing of the examples scripts.

And I got the “” script to work this time around. However “python3” works where “python” fails with a syntax error.


So last night I installed my Enviro PHAT on my Pi 4 and couldn’t get the LCD to work. After a fresh install of Raspbian and Enviro via the curl method everything works perfectly. I wonder if the script setup is borked by other software installs which modify packages.

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