Problem with FAN Shim/Fan shim Software

I have a weird problem with my fan shim, it workes normally, but i can,t understand how the fan shim software works.
I entered this commmands in piecewise:’

git clone

cd fanshim-python

sudo ./

and it installed the library itself as it says
and i entered all other commands as it is but when it starts the service , i can,t start up the fan shim with the button on the fan shim.
I have to disable the service to make the fan start up again.

I think you’ve already done this but the full install is as follows.

git clone
cd fanshim-python
sudo ./

cd examples
sudo ./ --on-threshold 65 --off-threshold 40 --delay 2

Once that is done the fan will be off until the on threshold temp is reached.
And stay on until it goes below the off threshold.

I couldn’t get the manual override to work. I think its one long press of the button to switch to manual. Then a short press for on, short press for off.
Another long press puts it back to automatic. For me the fan would switch to manual mode, but pressing the button just made it spin for a second or two and stop?
There is a thread on here somwhere.

Forgot to mention, the default condition with the service off, or no service /software installed is on. If you just plug it in without installing any of the Pimoroni stuff the fan will just run continuously. Thats why it turns on when you disable the service.
With a little bit of python coding you could do up your own python file to turn it on off with the button. The commands are listed here. There would be no auto mode though.