Problems with jpegdec on inky frame 7


I am having a hard to finding out what to do to make a jpeg work on the inky frame 7 (in Photoshop)
I do have jpegs on my inky that work just fine using jpegdec, but when I upload a new image it seems to be a chance of 50/50 that it will show up correct. The rest of the time the display show the first 32 or so colums of pixels and repeat them on the x direction…

I do not change anything when saving the images and I also do check back not to save in progressive, but still no real success. I also pasted the image into a working jpeg, reduced to background and saved the exact same file… still no success ever so often.

Any idea on why the pictures sometimes work and sometimes they don’t?

Best, C

I had one image fail. All of mine were non progressive. I think the trouble maker was a q 98 one. I dropped q level and it worked. I didn’t investigate after that and maybe my recollection is imperfect here. The q level (and image detail) will affect file size too, feels more likely to contribute to flakiness in that way.

I switched to converting the files to a working format in gimp instead of photoshop now. This seems to work. What I did was change the quality not only via the slider on top of the settings-dialogue, but also switch the subsampling to 4:2:0 in the advanced settings (and of course deactivate the progressive button)

As it might be of interest: I finally found out what the real problem was: the SD-Card didn’t go well with the frame. After taking it out following a spontaneous idea today, everything suddenly started working without any problems… !

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