Programing BME680 with Mbed

I want to get temperature,humid,pressure and gas data from BME680.
(sensor URL ;
At first, I only tried to write codes to get all data, but I could not find any sample code so I could not write.
Next, I tried to use a library. I could find a BME680 library, but I did not understand how to use it.
(library URL ; )
Please tell me how to use this library and get temperature,humid,pressure and gas data.

If you go to the product page (your first link) and scroll down to he software section there are links to a C Library and Python Library. The Python link will take you to this GitHub page,
Install instructions are there and example code. It’s how I got mine up and running
Can’t help you with Mbed, first I heard of it was when you mentioned it.

This is a question best asked on the MBed forums since it’s unlikely someone who knows what they’re doing and has got it up and running will chance upon it here.

Unfortunately I haven’t played with MBed, and don’t know where to begin, but if you do figure it out please do share how!