Raspberry Pi Pico ribbon cable/breakout

I’m trying to build a project with the GFX_Pack display and a Raspberry Pi Pico. I’ve got things working, but I’m having trouble with the physical layout. I’d like to mount the GFX_Pack to the underside of the top of a project box with the display showing through a cutout. I want to mount the Pico to a PCB on the bottom of the project box and be able to connect to the GFX_Pack with a ribbon cable, or something like that.

Does anyone know of some like that, or possible a DIP socket that’s computable with the Pico?


Could just get some jumper jerky (Jumper Jerky - Pin to Socket) which comes in a handy bundle of 40, so just split it in two and bingo, two makeshift ribbon cables.

Depending on the size of your box, they may be a little long, but there’s a shorter flavour, too.