Request New Floor Tracking Sensor based on PMW3901 breakout

Really soon! Next week or so?


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Sorry for the delay! The first panel boards have been tested and confirmed working now, but we didn’t get the first proper manufacturing run done before packing up everything for the move to our new much bigger and shinier workshop. I reckon we could get a the small number from the first panel on the shop next week like Hel said, just need to find them from all the boxes. :)


Any updates? very much looking to get this sensor, I have been trying to find the pmw3901 in stock anywhere, bought the last 2 off of Digi-Key but both are busted, this new board sounds like more what I am looking for anyways but trying to get something working for this Thursday

I could sell two used but perfectly functional PMW3901 pimoroni made breakouts, message me if this is helpful to you.

Yeah that would be awesome, not sure how to do direct messages on this site, just joined

@Ryan_G Try clicking on my name, and there should be a button to message me.

Hmm, I thought maybe because I was on my phone that I wasn’t seeing the option to directly message you but on my laptop I don’t see one either.

Thank you for your offer but I think I’m going to wait for the new sensor to come out, and in the mean time try to get the bitcraze version of this sensor to work on a raspberry pi, I ended up ordering 3 of them from Digi-Key before your offer

Really stoked to see these out! Does anyone know if these (or the PMW3901) work with IR lighting? E.g. for use in the dark, without visibly illuminating the substrate?

Good question! The datasheet doesn’t mention anything about illumination wavelength or IR filter, we’d need to give that a try

Yeah, I had a look through the datasheet too and was wondering why they don’t mention it. Anyways, would be great to know - and otherwise I’ll keep you updated once I have a chance to try it out.

Pixart recommends a white LED (LTW-216TS5) as illumination for these new sensors, so that is an indication. Not very much power beyond 700nm according to the data sheet. So I would be a bit surprised if it worked well at IR wavelengths.

Thanks rohitster, well spotted! It sounds reasonable too. I reckon I’ll give it a go anyways, as there’s no mention of an IR filter. Maybe it’ll result in somewhat decreased performance, but hopefully it can still pick up something. :-)

Any updates on when this will be on your site for purchase? And when someone in the USA can purchase this item?

Just wrangling the product page now, we should hopefully have a small batch available for sale this week. I’ll post here when they’re up!

Now live! PAA5100JE Near Optical Flow SPI Breakout – Pimoroni


Is it possible to get the CAD or at least the dimensions of the board and where the sensor itself is on the board?
When creating a 3D print for the PMW3901 I didn’t realize that the camera on it wasn’t centered on the board by a few mm and ended up snapping it off, :-/