Resetting the Badger2040 when on battery Power

Loving my badger2040, but I started trying it out on battery power today and can’t seem to get it to reset back to the badgerOS home page. It works whilst “in an app”. But the moment I press the reset button, it freezes and nothing happens.

I tried pressing reset followed by a front button in case it was going to sleep, but that didn’t seem to do the trick either.

Has anyone else seen this same issue?

I agree. It is not working quite as you expect.

When in USB power mode just pressing the reset button restarts the program and the screen starts flashing.

When in battery mode pressing reset does not carry out a re-start on its own but if I then press another button it does reset to the start screen - ‘clock fonts ebook’. I can then carry on.


I’ve found a 99.9% repeatable way to get it to reboot when just on battery power:

  • Press reset button
  • Wait a second, then press buttons a, b and c all at the same time.

This seems to work well, I think the documentation on the website could do with this detail and maybe even a 10 second vid to show how to do it as I’m sure there are many others out there who like me couldn’t quite get it to work first time.

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I think you can just press and hold any of the buttons for a second or two after pressing restart.

It’s an odd mechanism but at least I’m not going mad.